Who is Jik-Reuben?

About Me

I am a published Visual Ninja that specialises in Portrait, Concert, Commercial, Wedding and Corporate event photography. My work has been featured in various international publications and exhibitions. 

I am currently available for concerts, weddings, portraits, editorial, and event photography. Along with specialised videographic services.


My name is Jik-Reuben Pringle; I am a 28 year old Visual Creative that lives in Kingston, Jamaica and I am the Visual Ninja.

I developed a deep passion for photography in 2008 at my high school library, where I spent hours flipping through National Geographic Magazines. It was at this age I knew in the future I wanted to travel and capture different cultures and landscapes across the globe. However it wasn’t until 2010 when I joined UTECHs photography club and subsequently became the president that the interest blossomed into what it is today. From the modest days of using a point and shoot camera to covering my first live concert I have grown and continued to capture a host of different live shows and I have also branched out into portraits, landscapes, food, commercial, corporate events and wedding photography. In Summer 2014, I joined the Paint Jamaica team as  videographer / photographer. I also received a Merit Award in JCDC Art competition and exhibition under the photographer category in March 2015. 

During July to August 2015, I made some big strides on the international scene by participating in  UP! United Purpose Tour hosted by Nanook Enterprise, through which I had the opportunity to exhibit pieces in two gallery spaces in Germany and three liev music festival. This experience granted exposure I needed and sculpted me into a much stronger visual artist, which can directly be seen in my photos before and after the tour.

In December 2018, I was invited to showcase my works as a concert photographer during the biggest Art Festival in the world Art Basel. My works were showcased at a two day event called Let There Be Reggae which featured 20+ of my reggae and dancehall portfolio alongside other artiste from across the world and VP records contribution to Jamaican music. It was an honour for my work to be acknowledged and used to represent the culture internationally.

Photography for me is about exploring emotions and unearthing different perspectives; this can be seen through my unique cinematic approach that yields alluring photographs that are sincere and soulful. I believe this distinct approach has built up a love for concert photography, black and white and portrait photography. In the 8 years since I started I have transformed into the Visual Ninja and have earned recognition for my unique perspectives. The passion for black and white, portraiture and social issues has led me to explore themes such as black empowerment, women empowerment, equality, cancer awareness and other illnesses. All of which is evident in my most recent works which dubbed me the title of Visual Advocate.

The world of motion picture is also something that peaks my interest and since starting in 2014 I've showcased a short film in 2016 entitled "Day One" in the National Gallery of Jamaica  and have embarked on directing and hosting my own online interview series "Focal Point".  In 2019 I released my second documentary entitled "Behind It All, Her Journey: The Sanshegay Project" which tells the story of Sanshegay Peart who was born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta. 


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2015, March15th:                  JCDC Exhibition & Competition (Merit Award Received, Group Exhibition)

2015,July 16th:                     United Purpose Exhibition, KunstPauli Galerie, Hamburg, Germany (Group Exhibition)

2015,August 1st:                   "Soul" By Jik-Reuben (Group Exhibition, part of United Purpose         Exhibition at the Spreeviera Gallery at Yaam, Berlin, Germany)

2015, September 29th:         I-Revolt: The Return (Single Exhibition; I was invited to showcase my pieces, to complement performances)

2015, November, 28th:         Sanaa Studios, (Group Exhibition, as part of Edna Manley Photography Club)

2015, December 19th:          Artive Art Show (Group Exhibition)

2015- December 23rd:         Digicel’s Grand Market (Group Exhibition, as part of Edna Manley Photography Club)

2016- April 24th:                   National Gallery; Digital Exhibition (Group Exhibition)  

2018- December 6-7th:       Let There Be Reggae; Art Basel Miami 2018 (Group Exhibition)




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