Who is Jik-Reuben?

About Me

I am a published Visual Ninja that specialises in Portraits,Editorials,  Professional Portraits/Headshots, Commercial photography, Documentaries and Interviews. My work has been featured in various international publications and exhibitions. 


Jik-Reuben Pringle, the Visual Ninja is a published visual creator that specializes in portrait, professional portraits, commercial, music photography, documentaries and interviews. Jik-Reuben is intentional about using his talents to amplify the visibility and representation of black women and women of colour. Through his craft, he has brought awareness to various life-changing illnesses and challenges experienced by Jamaicans. He also has 13 years of experience as a photographer, 8 years in the film industry and  7 years as an educator. 

To date, his work has been featured in multiple local and international publications and exhibitions. Publications include Backayard Magazine, The Jamaica Gleaner, Elle Canada, MINT Magazine, Avianca Magazine and SOLE Magazine; and exhibitions include Art Basel: Let There Be Reggae, JCDC Exhibition, The National Gallery of Jamaica: Digital Exhibition and Spreeviera Gallery: Soul Exhibition in Berlin, Germany. 

His most recent work explores themes spanning social issues, black empowerment, women empowerment, male vulnerability and awareness of life-changing illnesses. These works gave birth the moniker The Visual Advocate.

Sincerity and soulfulness matter to him and is reflected in the visuals he produces. Unearthing emotions and exploring different perspectives is the cornerstone of what Jik does. After-all, He is the Visual Ninja.


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BackaYard Magazine: Beenie Man Cover, December, 2015.

Our Jamaica Magazine: Art & Culture Section, Page 162-164, 2015.

Jamaica Gleaner; Flair Magazine(Special Men's Issue): June 29th, 2015 entitled: "The Visual Ninja".

Jamaica Sunday Gleaner; Art and Entertainment Section: October 18th, 2015, entitled: “Capturing Jamaican sunshine in Europe.”

She Caribbean Magazine: Issue 68; page 45. 

Ellements Magazine: February 2016, Set 3, Page 4.

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Riddim Magazine: Issue. 1/17 Page 36. January/February/March 2017.

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BackaYard Magazine: Chronixx Cover, Spring/Summer, 2018.

Jamaica Gleaner; Art and Entertainment Section: December 13th, 2018, entitled: “Let There Be Reggae returns to Miami’s Art Basel 2018”

VoyageMIA: January 17th, 2019, entitled: “Meet Jik-Reuben Pringle” http://voyagemia.com/interview/meet-jik-reuben-pringle/

Avianca Business Magazine: Page 5, 2019, entitled: “Milésimas de Gloria”

Jamaica Gleaner; Outlook: February 17th, 2019, entitled: “ Living with Osteogenesis Imperfecta”

Jamaica Gleaner; Outlook: March 10th, 2019, entitled: “Jik-Reuben The Visual Advocate” 

Jamaica Gleaner; Outlook: August 25th, 2019 entitled: “Beyond The Lens: Majik in Black and White”

SOLE Magazine: Event Edition 2019, Page 112, 2019 entitled: “Rockers Galore”

BackaYard Magazine: Sevana Cover, Fall,  2019.

ELLE Canada: March 2020 Issue, Page 35, entitled: "One Of A Kind".


2015, March15th:                  JCDC Exhibition & Competition (Merit Award Received, Group Exhibition)

2015,July 16th:                     United Purpose Exhibition, KunstPauli Galerie, Hamburg, Germany (Group Exhibition)

2015,August 1st:                   "Soul" By Jik-Reuben (Group Exhibition, part of United Purpose         Exhibition at the Spreeviera Gallery at Yaam, Berlin, Germany)

2015, September 29th:         I-Revolt: The Return (Single Exhibition; I was invited to showcase my pieces, to complement performances)

2015, November, 28th:         Sanaa Studios, (Group Exhibition, as part of Edna Manley Photography Club)

2015, December 19th:          Artive Art Show (Group Exhibition)

2015- December 23rd:         Digicel’s Grand Market (Group Exhibition, as part of Edna Manley Photography Club)

2016- April 24th:                   National Gallery; Digital Exhibition (Group Exhibition)  

2018- December 6-7th:       Let There Be Reggae; Art Basel Miami 2018 (Group Exhibition)




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