Be Vulnerable

Growing up as boys we were told only to express happiness and anger. “Be tough and strong”, “Don’t show sadness or weakness”, “You’re a boy, crying is for girls”, etc.

As men, we shouldn’t be afraid to share stories and emotions that express feelings outside of happiness and anger to persons we trust and are close to. In doing so we show  that we are men who are comfortable in expressing our feelings. 

When I was conceptualizing this project; I wanted to capture images that represented men from all walks of life, I wanted to express that masculine vulnerability is true masculine strength and that not expressing the full range of emotions we’re naturally equipped with is actually the true weakness.

We have a range of emotions, we need to allow ourselves as men to feel and express, especially to our partners. So many men are afraid to express their vulnerability in and outside of relationships, which often leads to destructive and abusive relationships. We need to change this toxic cycle. When you tap into these emotions you’re being the most honest with self and to others, only then can true healing occur for us. We live in a time where women are focused on self-healing and so many men are still caught in the false illusion that because they’re are emotionally inept or void they don’t need healing, but that’s far from the truth. As men, we sometimes need to heal just the same as women do and to begin this process we need to explore the full range of our feelings and being open to being embraced and loved by others. 

Junior Lifeyard  & Toni Davy 

Producer: Habibi from Wengi Kofia

Technical Assistant: Kid Bazzle 

Studio: Mint Creative

Video Reel filmed and edited by Cesar Buelto of AltMultiMedia 

Behind The Scenes:

-Jik-Reuben Pringle, The Visual Ninja

November 2019

~Peace, Perfect Peace~

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