Behind It All, Her Journey: Documentary and Charity Initiatives

After two successful screenings, I’m happy to launch the documentary online for others to see. 

So without further ado enjoy:

Charity Initiatives:

The third part of the project consists of two charity raising initiatives. The purpose of the initiatives is to raise enough money to make a lovely donation to a young person or child living in Jamaica with Osteogenesis Imperfecta. It’s a great initiative thought of by Sanshegay to give back to persons like her. 
The first initiative is a GoFundMe crowdfunding account to raise $2000USD by the end of June 2019. We implore you to make a donation; no donation is too small. You can give as little as $5 or 650JMD but of course the more the merrier.

Donate here:

For the second initiative, we’ve teamed up with Wright Image Events for their charity event called Good Fridays to raise additional funds. Check them out here:

Through their charity events, they’ve been able to raise funds for Lutan Shelton($602,000), Davianne Tucker ($407,400), Alisha Nelson ($200,000) and the Jamaica National Children’s Home($100,000). So as you can see the event serves as a great platform for our initiative. Our Good Fridays event is slated for the first Friday in June 2019. Closer to the date we will notify you with more details.

Lastly, thank you for being supporting Sanshegay and I. We truly appreciate it and we look forward to your contribution to our charity initiatives and feel free to share our project with others:


1st Screening at Chilitos’s Jamexican Restaurant on March 2nd, 2019

2nd Screening at the University of Technology, Jamaica, W.I. on March  22nd, 2019


Jamaica Gleaner; OutLook Magazine:

Daytime Live; 8th March, 2019

RJR Guest Room: 20th March, 2019

Talk Up Yout, Nationwide FM: 30th March, 2019

Technical Team: 

Make-Up:  The Makeup Fairy

Swimwear: Nicole Bryan

Accessories: Chrissy’s Coils

Props:  Tai Flora, Taryn Bridgewater and Stefan Clarke

Photo Assistants: Kid Bazzle and Amani Campbell

BTS Video: Usheen Ewbanks

BTS Editing: Vartex Studio

Studio: Paradox Studio Ja


The Makeup Fairy

Chrissy’s Coils (lotus crown and hand jewelry)

Taryn Bridgewater (Paper Flowers)

Tai Flora (rose)

Stefan Clarke (Bones)

Nicole “Fuche” Bryan (Swimsuit Designer)

Paradox Studio and Claiminus Media( Studio space) 

Chillitos Jamexican Restaurant (Exhibition Space-March 2nd, 2019)

Kid BazzleDane VisualsVartex Studio (Documentary production)

Bustamante Hospital for Children (Facilitating interview with Dr. Sawh)


-Jik-Reuben Pringle, The Visual Ninja

April 2019

~Peace, Perfect Peace~

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