Chronixx ‘I Can’ Music Video

“The Sun shall not smite I by Day,

Nor the moon by night,

Nor the pestilence that lurks in dark places,

Nor the destruction that wasteth that good day

the time hath just come…

When I look at where I’m coming from”

  A song of triumph, a song about hope,  a song for a better tomorrow.

“I Can” A song that to be honest grew on me every time I played  Chronixx’s first official album “Chronology”. It’s a beautiful song and is definitely an anthem for anyone who feel like giving up and need a little motivation to keep going on. “I Can” also serves as  reminder to give thanks for what has been received thus far and how far we all have reached since starting our journey in life.

-24th July, 2017-

Fans from all over Jamaica and even Florida gathered at 41 Fleet street; as they awaited the arrival of Chronixx and his film crew. Those who were present got word that the artiste needed extras for the filming a section of his latest single at the time “I Can”.  I turned up with the intent of documenting this event and hopefully to uncover any hidden aspects of the artiste that the general public may not have not been aware of. 

We sat waiting for a bit and then finally a few cars and a bus rolled up with the film crew and the man of the hour, Chronixx.  I watched carefully as he moved about the space giving respect to everyone who he knew or greeted him.  Quickly, he settled down to rap with the children and community members of Southside, Parade Gardens.  Not long after, being the Steam Minista that he is, Chronixx popped out his steam chalice to unwind and relax while the film crew set up for what seemed to be the last scene for the day. 

After, engaging in a few more small chats with fans and bystanders, he proceeded inside Life Yard as a brief escape to greet his fellow Life Yard brothers and to also prepare his mind for the scene.  I eventually followed him inside where we sat around a pallet made table and had conversations about faith, music, politics, etc. He spoke so eloquently and saw everyone as his equal. This wasn’t a shocker, but what I really found refreshing was his willingness to hear the view points of others even when he didn’t agree or was prepared to drop a rebuttal. Finally he got the call to start shooting. We all then gathered inside the warehouse which at this point had been converted into a small dancehall, blaring “I Can” for the entire community to hear. Everything was going great, everybody present was dancing and singing along with the words of the lyrics until suddenly community members scattered and ran home as sounds of gun shots echoed from a nearby road. Was I worried? Not really however the thought of being trapped popped up in my mind that being said I had a strong feeling that I was safe.  The Voice of the People [Chronixx] calmed who was still present on set down. Until, eventually, a few community members returned to the set so that the final takes of the video could begin. Jah [God]  was watching over us and no evil could harm us then nor after. Hands flew up, as we sang….

“So when the evening comes I

Lift up my eyes to the hills I’m blessed, oh man

With my two hands in the air as far as I can

As far as I can….” 


…and there ended an almost perfect evening as the film crew began to pack. Chronixx stayed back to sign CDs of his album along with take photographs with fans. I didn’t get to unravel much mysteries about the artiste but there will be other opportunities, non-the-less I had fun, even got  a lil cameo moment in the final music video. 

Can you spot the Visual Ninja?

Since then Chronixx has toured locally and abroad under the Chronology Tour and even released “I can” Remix done by the ever talented  producer JLL who as produced beats which featured artistes such as Popcaan, Kranium, Royal Blu, Runkus, Masego and Yanah


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~Peace, Perfect Peace~

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