Dominique Mitchell; The Ladybug

Dominique and I have been friends for 5 years and have done a number of amazing collaborations. Starting with the Sara Golish inspired photoshoot, we’ve developed the kind of friendship where she knows my life stories and I know hers. Recently she contacted me to capture portraits of her that would visually depict her current state of being; one of awakening, self-exploration, self-acceptance, sensuality, and reconnecting with the elements of the earth. I was elated to be chosen to carry out such a task knowing our long history and how much she has helped me to carry out my creative visions. 

Growing up Dominique experienced a series of traumatic events, which lead her to develop a deep level of insecurity and social anxiety. Growing up she was always reluctant to express her views as she was afraid of what peers or society might think. Always under public scrutiny, she moulded herself into the mindset that she had to be the perfect wife and mother(to be) and as such neglected her wants and needs as a human being. 

While she appreciated and respected most of its teachings, there was always a level of disconnect with the Christian faith for her. She, however, kept silent, afraid to verbally express her spiritual views out of fear of not being accepted by the friends and family she really cared for. 

She lived most of her life feeling weak and powerless, always obedient to people who guided or took care of her. However, in recent months she had an awakening. After years of being controlled, she decided to take back the reigns and steer her life in a direction she knew best suited her mind, body, and soul.

Today she’s a glowing and beautiful mother, who has made a conscious effort to eat healthier, take better care of her hair and skin, and is being very mindful of what she feeds herself spiritually and mentally. 

She’s Dominique Mitchell; The Ladybug MUA, and I hope her story has inspired you, as it has inspired the women around her to live their best lives. 


-Jik-Reuben Pringle, The Visual Ninja


~Peace, Perfect Peace~

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