Embracing Change and Accomplishments: A Fall-Inspired 40th Birthday Photo Session

 Just as the leaves transition from vibrant green to shades of red, orange, and yellow, our lives too go through seasons of transformation. What better way to commemorate the journey of change, self-acceptance, and accomplishments than with a heartfelt 40th birthday photo session? Join me as I paint what went into making these picturesque fall inspired images of a remarkable client and the essence of her journey so far. 

Moodboard prepared by Angel-Lee

Moodboard prepared by Angel-Lee

Moodboard prepared by Angel-Lee

Moodboard prepared by Angel-Lee

When Nadia came to us and expressed the idea of representing the feeling of change for her birthday session, what came to us was the season of fall. Change is the only constant, and life’s journey is a testament to this truth. Our client, Nadia, embraced the concept wholeheartedly as she ventured into her 40s. Choosing a fall-inspired photo session allowed her to symbolize her own transformation. The metamorphosis of the season perfectly mirrored her own growth and evolution, reminding us that change, no matter how daunting, can bring unparalleled beauty. 

As the autumn leaves gently fell around her, Nadia stood tall and proud, a reflection of the self-acceptance that comes with age. The passing years had instilled in her a newfound appreciation for her unique journey. The photo session became a canvas on which she painted a portrait of self-love and confidence, capturing not just her external beauty, but the wisdom and grace that come with learning to accept oneself completely. 

For me a 40th birthday session isn’t just a celebration of age, but a recognition of the milestones and achievements that shape one’s life. Nadia’s photo session was a visual tribute to her accomplishments that was accentuated through the use of lighting, colours and styling. In the end we wanted the photos of her to reflect the pinnacle of a theatrical stage performance, which I strongly believe we achieved. We wanted the viewers and Nadia to feel that strong sense of warmth, love and the wind of change that brewed within her. Intentionality  was the goal for the team going into the session as Angel’s vision, couple’d with my ideas for lighting and Shaphawa’s exemplary Make-up skills really solidified the vision. Prior to this session, Nadia expressed that she was doing this session for herself, and she hadn’t had an interest sharing them on social media. So it was to the team’s pleasant surprise that when the photos were delivered to her a week before her birthday, she was doing exactly that, teasing her followers on Twitter with two of her favourites. Nadia’s inability to retrain herself from posting marked a moment of success for Angel and I, as we knew we had outdone ourselves. 

Nadia’s fall-inspired 40th birthday photo session was more than just a series of pictures; it was a reflection of her journey. In the embrace of nature’s transformative beauty, she found the courage to embrace her own transformation. The changing leaves were a reminder that life’s seasons bring growth, change, and beauty – all to be cherished. It was our hope that when  Nadia looked at her photos, she saw the best reflection of herself and not only the passing years, but a life well-lived and a future filled with promise. This heartwarming photo session serves as an inspiration for us all to celebrate our journeys, accept our true selves, and applaud our accomplishments – no matter the age. 

Creative Team:

Creative Director: Angel-Lee Morgan

Photographer: Jik-Reuben Pringle, The Visual Ninja

Hair & Clothes Styling: Angel-Lee Morgan

Make-Up Artist:  Shaphawa Hylton

Assistant: Amilcar Lewis

Studio: The Lab Jamaica

Peace, Perfect Peace,

Jik-Reuben Pringle,

August 22nd, 2023

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