Focal Point S01E07 Wade Rhoden

Welcome to the last episode of Focal Point; Season 1 which features visual artist Wade Rhoden; who has made huge strides capturing breathtaking Fashion Editorial known more popularly for his Fashion Editorial mark in the Jamaican photography industry. We were invited into the backyard of his home, a place where many of his amazing photographs have been taken. In this episode, we discuss topics such working at the National Gallery, exploring the world on a cruise ship and changing how fashion and photography are perceived locally and bringing it to a higher standard. 

It was truly a blessing to have Wade sit with us for Episode 7. I hope you enjoy this episode and feel free to share, comment and like the episode if it held your interest. Season 2 will be here in no time but in the meantime thanks for your support and here is a link to rewatch all the episodes in sequence; 


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