Focal Point S01E04

In this episode of Focal Point, I have a chat with Donnette Zacca, one of Jamaica’s own who helped paved the way for fine art photographers of today. We discuss her early beginnings, alternative processing and how she created a one of a kind technique called “marbling”. There is more to photography than just digital photography, discover how she garnered the title of Mentor, Educator and a Silver Musgrave Award in 2015. 

 ✓ Team ✓ 

✩ Producer and Director: Jik-Reuben 

✩ Host: Jik-Reuben Pringle 

✩ Director of Photography: Kid Bazzle 

✩ First AC: Usheen Ewbanks  

✩ Animation Director: Paige Zombie 

✩ Editor: Usheen Ewbanks 

✩ Graphic Designer: Cashane Nugent 

✩ Other Technical Support: Darien Robertson  

✩ Music: 

 ∆ Anitek - Dendrites 

 ∆ Anitek - RadioSlug

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Finally Enjoy episode 4, its very different from what you’ve seen before. 

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