NYC Trip: IGBO Rooftop Cookout

NYC Trip Blog Series

Part 1: IGBO Rooftop Cookout

I will always be a fan of live music and there is a certain joy that comes from capturing talent i’ve never experienced before. While away on vacation in New York a friend; Maria invited me to a rooftop cookout organised by a band based in Brooklyn, NY called “IGBO Band” and Restaurant and Bar called “Our Wicked Lady”.

Still not familiar with how much of a drag the transport system can be sometimes due weekend subway repairs or  reroutes of buses etc, I arrived a bit late to the cookout and missed a few of the performances. The vibe was great right, the roof had an intimate set up that gathered very eclectic, intriguing and fascinating people (every photographers dream). I slowly immersed myself within the audience during the current band change with a plate food and some drinks with my friend Maria who I had met in Jamaica before I left.

As the event progressed I was taken a back by just how raw and talented each performances were and the feeling of community. I also had the opportunity of meeting several artistes, producers and musicians while there. It was an amazing afternoon.  Attending this event was really a catalyst to other events that unfolded while I was away in New York. The greatest plugs from the catalyst were meeting Jypsy and Benjamin from IGBO band, which I’ll get into in the blogs in the series.

To be continued….Part 2 coming soon!

-Jik-Reuben Pringle, The Visual Ninja


~Peace, Perfect Peace~

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