Natasha and Mickel Engagement Session

Couple: Natasha and Mickel

Assistant: Darien Robertson

Visual Ninja: Jik-Reuben Pringle

Location: Admiral’s Mountain, Cooper’s Hill, St. Andrew, Jamaica

Nothing is nicer than receiving a phone call from a client saying that she has to book her engagement session with you based on a wedding she saw on your website; that was the case with this couple. Natasha had seen the blog post I did of Danielle and Jagari’s Wedding captured up by Admiral Mountain and fell in love. She was amazed by the location and also how I juxtaposed the couple against the rustic and vintage great house. 

After a brief conversation discussing my package details, I suggested that we meet in person, which she agreed to. I always prefer to meet with my clients before a session, so we can foster a relationship prior to the date.  So later that week I met up with her fiancé Mickel to discuss further details on the shoot, break down my workflow and also to get a better understanding of what they required of me.

Natasha and Mickel story is the romantic fairytale of lifelong friends, who found the courage to move past the boundaries of friendship and enter into something more. 

I had a blast photographing the couple; they were fun, attractive and very cooperative. From interacting with them, one could easily see just how in love they were and how compassionate they were towards each other. 

Here are my hand-picked fave photos from the session: 

-Jik-Reuben Pringle, Visual Ninja


~Peace, Perfect Peace~

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