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Part 5: Carl Navy Exhibition

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I’ve said this in a previous blog post from this series; This trip was so spontaneous and aligned itself so perfectly. The chain of events just happened so randomly and was perfectly timed. My trip to this exhibition started back at the A-Type, where I met this talented creative director by the name of Lamar “Mar” Robillard.  I met him on my first visit to the co-working space and we clicked right away. It was a few weeks after the Charleston church shooting and he was using the screen printing facilities to print some shirts that lashed out against white supremacy and inequality against blacks in the American society. Our conversation meandered left and right until we had to leave and it was then that he invited me to his friend’s exhibition in Brooklyn. I was free and hadn’t been to any exhibitions since being in New York, so I accepted the invite. 

[Add location]7:32pm

I took to the vast city before me to see some dope photos and meet some amazing people.

The event I was heading to is called The Flourish Party which is an art party series held in Brooklyn, NY. This specific instalment of the series featured the works of Carl “Carl Navy” Cornelius between 7pm to 10pm; then followed by a pretty lit after party.

Kinfolk 94[94 Wythe Avenue, Brooklyn, NY], 8:40pm

Finally I arrived at the exhibition and I was already intrigued. It sounds weird but it was refreshing going to an event where most of the attendants were black. I got inside, got myself a mixed drink and immersed myself in the atmosphere of the venue. Not knowing anyone and a bit anxious, I slowly made my way to the art pieces, I observed how everyone else interacted with the space and how I could properly document the night. 

Upon closer viewing I saw the them of the exhibition; it was a display of Carl’s trip to various destinations across the world.  I carefully analysed each piece until I met the man himself and snapped a quick frame, so he could return to talking with his fans.

Finally Mar arrived and was quick to introduce me to some pretty cool people; such as Alex Mali, Thutmose, Ashley and Arabena. I ended up spending the evenin with them and joining them in the after-party. 

All in all it was a great event; filled with good art, great people and an amazing vibe.

Part 6[The final part] coming soon! 

-Jik-Reuben Pringle, The Visual Ninja,


~Peace, Perfect Peace~

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