Runkus In Studio: “my Gf” ft Krs.


Without further ado, Runkus has released his latest project “my Gf” ft. Krs. Earlier this year I had the opportunity to sit in and document one of the studio recording sessions for this track. In this specific session, Runkus was recording percussion sounds done by Kadane “Cespo” Cespedes. It was a great session filled with vibes and some exclusive previews of projects that have been released prior to “my Gf” and tracks not released yet. Lets not forget the constant exchange of carding and jokes  between Iotosh, Runkus, Stamma, and Habibi

It is definitely a joy to hear how the song has transitioned from the rough recording I heard earlier this year to hearing the final mastered track with the supporting vocals. Keep the tracks coming Runkus! especially #FDGD.

Enjoy the sounds from the God tinG; Runkus:

Cover Art Details:

Model: Amanyea Stines

Visuals: Romario LYNCH

Music Video coming soon! 

-Jik-Reuben Pringle, The Visual Ninja


~Peace, Perfect Peace~

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