Tai Flora Luxe: Ja Wedding Decor Masters

In recent times I’ve been extremely busy working and delivering to you guys new episodes of Focal Point. One of the clients I’ve been working with is a floral and decor company called Tai Flora Luxe, one of Jamaica’s largest and most sought after wedding decor companies in Jamaica. I love working with this company, each time I go on a job with them, I see just how passionate the team is at what they do. I’ve seen them pull off event after event despite the conditions they have to face; strong winds, heavy rains, other vendors not playing their tasks properly or in a timely manner etc. 

I recall one scenario 15 minutes before a wedding was about to commence, the centre piece fell and was almost totally destroyed. At this point, the majority of the team and trucks had packed up and left to finish the reception decor. To my amazement, they somehow found a way to get that centre piece up and ready for the wedding without alarming the wedding party. To me, that day was nothing short of magic. That’s what it’s like to work with people who are passionate, professional and brilliant at working and solving situations under extreme stress conditions. 

 There was another time I recall the team had to scrap a beachside pre-wedding dinner and move everything to the lobby of the hotel because of rain. All this was done within two hours of the event start time, after almost two days of preparing flowers and props for an outdoor setting. Tai Flora Luxe being who they are, were still able to awe the clients and stunned with the quick nail biting execution and luxurious finish of the decor.

 One specific week I was hired to capture two different wedding events, one wedding at Sandals Resort, Ocho Rios (Wednesday and Saturday) and another at Royalton, Negril (Thursday to Sunday). What they requested almost seemed impossible to me as it meant I had to be in two places at basically the same time. However, I accepted the job and requested the assistance of my talented colleague Darien Robertson( click link here, to read his Tai Flora blog) to help out with Saturday’s event at Sandals Resort. It was a great week filled with some amazing decor. I’ve built a great relationship with the people at Tai Flora Luxe, and I look forward to continuing doing business with them, as I help them help others realise their dream wedding, birthday party and more.

I hope you enjoy the photos below:

-Jik-Reuben Pringle, The Visual Ninja, 2017

~Peace, Perfect Peace~

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