Dominique’s Maternity Session

My very first blog post and I’m going to dedicate it to my good friend and partner in crime Dominique, The Ladybug MUA . I formally met her at a make-up  artist competition I was documenting and from there we realized we had similar interest in doing a photo shoot inspired by Sara Golish. We did that project and from there we grew a strong work connection and friendship as well. Earlier this year she announced to me that she was pregnant and that she wanted some maternity photos; I was quick to jump and say pick me but before I could she said she wanted me to capture her images. I was excited, elated and nervous. Why? Prior to this photo shoot most of what I’ve done is assist on a Maternity Session and to add to that pressure I was capturing a special session for a dear friend of mine. 

We went through quite a few ideas and came up with something we both agreed on; now it was time to wait on the little one to grow and grow and grow. During the period her tummy was just right I had to leave the island to participate on the Up! United Purpose Tour, but Dominique was so adamant on having me carry out this photo shoot that she waited until I returned. At this point her “Pumpkin” as she called her unborn son, was almost ready to leave his mother. So without much wasted time we set the date for the second Sunday after I arrived. We also altered the photoshoot to include Gary (Pumpkin’s Father). Which added a nice element to the session.

On the day of the Photo session, we headed over to Castleton Gardens in St.Mary. The weather was against us and as a result we arrived on location much later than planned, so not only were we racing to capture images before the sunlight was gone but we were also plagued by mosquitoes (they took a quite a liking to Dominique). Gary was perfectly fine as he was covered by a nice suit he was wearing. We, however pushed through and endured and I came home with some lovely photos of the couple, as well as some single photos of Dominique dressed in a beautiful white dress designed by Shashelle Barnes. Who says a pregnant mom can’t look sexy and classy with a bump in front of her? The wait was long but finally the session was complete and it went well. 

At 12:37 pm, September 25th Pumpkin aka Dominic Lynch was born at the UWI hospital.  Congratulations Dominique and Gary. I wish you two all the best with your son and I look forward to doing his first photo session. 

-Jik-Reuben, The Visual Ninja, 2015

Here are a few samples from the Session.

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