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  1. Purchase Your Domain Name!

    07 Sep 2016

    First up, what is a Domain name and how does it differ from a website? Here is a helpful video to get you up to speed if you don’t already know. If you have an idea already, you can skip the video and jump right into the rest of my…

  2. Chanters’ Playfield

    29 May 2016

    An evening of Soul Stirring Music The mood was set; lights low and “reggae” dripping in the background as if it were a lowly stadium, with symmetrically aligned spotlights beaming in synchronized movement. The spotlights were placed about the stage and onto it, giving an aura as if a spaceship…

  3. Hard Road Tour Documentary

    11 Apr 2016

    When I started doing videography in 2014, one of my goals was to carry out a documentary production. Now thanks to the Earthkry band and my editor Alwayne White, that is what I present to you today.  Last year September the manager for Earthkry band, Tara Johnson, expressed the need…

  4. “New Generation Wailer, The Return of Bob in a New Name”

    28 Mar 2016

    Photo by Richard E. Aaron, New York City 1978 The image above does not belong to me, it was taken by Richard E. Aaron in New York City,  during a 1978 live concert.  Though this image isn’t mine, please to keep a mental note of it.  “New Generation Wailer, The

  5. Black and Gold

    16 Mar 2016

    In the past two years or so, I’ve worked with some incredible Make-Up Artists(MUA) from Jamaica such as Dominique; Ladybug MUA, Teeah; 876 Faces, Shaphawa; So Sassy MUA just to name a few. In December a certain MUA by the name of Sue Gregg; The Make-up Girl reached out to…

  6. Chant It!

    02 Mar 2016

    Last year I did a shoot with the lovely Sevana, that was inspired by a song she wrote a while back . She recently released the single on Soundcloud as well as dropped the official music video for the track on her Youtube page.  Most of you might have seen…

  7. The Story Behind Wickie Wackie Faces

    26 Dec 2015

    It’s been a minute since I’ve blogged, but it’s for a good reason guys it’s been a hectic past few weeks, from regular events coverages, touring the island with Earthkry Band and carrying out this special project. Now that things are slowing down and I finally got this holiday weekend…

  8. BackaYard Magazine Music and Art Kingston Tour

    18 Oct 2015

    It has always been an interest of mine to be hired as a personal photographer to tourist or travelers who come to the island. Last Monday, I got a similar opportunity thanks to the collaboration of BackaYard Magazine and Hotel Mockingbird Hill. Known for their music trips around Kingston, BackaYard…

  9. Dominique’s Maternity Session

    04 Oct 2015

    “Nine Months later we are still hand in hand” My very first blog post and I’m going to dedicate it to my good friend and partner in crime Dominique, The Ladybug MUA . I formally met her at a make-up  artist competition I was documenting and from there we realized…

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