Help Heal Denver Felukè Smith

“All my life I had to fight”

-Alice Walker


For Denver Smith, growing up was far from easy. He was abandoned as a child, homeless for some time and struggled with Sickle Cell Disease. But still he endured. 
He found his passion for music at Alpha Institute (formerly known as Alpha Boys School) and as it paved a way and allowed him to withstand life’s struggles, he became Felukè and found his path to freedom and happiness. But, life happened and he was faced with the most cruel thing. 

As if life hadn’t thrown him enough curveballs, in 2014 Felukè was diagnosed with colon cancer, a terrible disease, a curse. However, being the fighter that he is, he never gave up hope, never bent the knee to his sickness and was surgically treated to remove the tumour. He got a second chance to carry out his dream, to sing and perform music for the people. 

‘You never know your own strength until your only option is to fight’

Earlier this year, Denver discovered that the cancer had returned to threaten his life for a second time. He successfully raised fund to travel to Mexico where he would receive two (2) months of intravenous treatment that relieved him two of three tumours and a reduction in the third. 

Denver then returned to Jamaica to carry on his treatment until he got word from his doctors that it was safe to undergo the removal of the final tumour in Mexico. So again, the fundraising continued in hopes of raising  $40,000USD to complete his treatment. 

A benefit concert was organised by friends( such as Mickie Bennett, Garreth Daley and Ryan Bailey) held  September 24th, 2017 at the Jamaica College Auditorium in efforts to make a dent in his fundraising. It was a star filled night with performances from artistes that holds Denver dear to them and believe he should be healed to continue living his dream.

It was a night to remember hosted by Jenny Jenny and featured many acts from Queen Ifrica, Tony Rebel, Ky-Mani Marley, Freddie McGregor, Alaine, Voicemail, Agent Sasco, Mackeenan, Ashe and much more. After spectating most of the night, Felukè took the stage to give what may be his last performance in Jamaica until he gets his well needed treatment. It was a performance one can never forget for as he sang we heard his heart cry for a change. As the performance ended he invited two persons; Denesha and Ryan to thank them and others who have been there helping from the start of his cancer battles. 

After the show had ended all artistes, musicians were called forth to form a prayer circle around Felukè, it was probably the most emotional part of the entire night, as Denver poured his heart out as he shared his life story and thanked everyone for coming and for wishing him the best. Many times we complain about the lack of unity within the music industry, but that was not the case that night, I saw brotherhood, sisterhood all fighting, crying and supporting each other for a common cause. #HealingDenver

Denver I pray for you and I know you will get that treatment you need to push forward and carry on your dream! Keep fighting, keep trodding, keep singing, keep drumming Felukè. 

If you were unable to attend the show and would still like to make a donation please DONATE HERE

-Jik-Reuben Pringle, The Visual Ninja.


~Peace, Perfect Peace~

Update: On September 5th, 2020, Felukè passed away in Mexico, during a second trip for treatment. His memories shall live on in everyone he knew and impacted. Pieces of him will also continue to live on in the countless tracks he played percussion for, did harmony, and recorded as a solo artiste.  We love you Denver and you shall be missed. 

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