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  1. Caasi Afro-Viking Film Project 2019

    01 Oct 2019

    Caasi recently shared the results of a genetic ancestry test she had done. It revealed that 87.5% of her ancestry is West African with a significant portion of that being Nigerian lineage. What had me laughing in disbelief, however, was the fact that she’s also 0.6% Scandinavian. Vikings came from…

  2. NYC Trip: Urban Knight Photoshoot

    31 Dec 2017

    NYC Trip Blog Series Part 2: Urban Knight Photoshoot Read Part 1 here Before travelling to New York, mutual friend Anna-Lisa referred me to JohnEli DaCosta as a potential person to capture his clothing line while he was in New York. After a few discussions and showing of my portfolio,…

  3. Jagari and Danielle Wedding Day

    04 Nov 2017

    For some love develops instantly, for others it takes decades. The latter is the case of Jagari and Danielle. Even though they attended the same Preparatory school and possibly passed each other several times in the hallways. The two didn’t meet until their last year of high school and that’s…

  4. Help Heal Denver Felukè Smith

    30 Sep 2017

    “All my life I had to fight” -Alice Walker Donate: https://www.gofundme.com/denvers-healing-continues For Denver Smith, growing up was far from easy. He was abandoned as a child, homeless for some time and struggled with Sickle Cell Disease. But still he endured. He found his passion for music at Alpha Institute (formerly…

  5. Jami Spence

    14 Sep 2017

    I’ve always seen her around, heard about her clothing line and Fashion Design business YC Clothing but never actually met personally. Earlier this year I had the fortunate opportunity of meeting her at an event we worked on together. As a portrait photographer or just someone with a creative eye,…

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