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Part 4: Nike International Girl’s Crew Event

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First of all, Happy New Year everyone. I’ve decided to finish my NYC trip blog series, here is the 4th instalment. 

During my time spent at the co-working space called The A-Type, I met a super cool young lady by the name of Nic De La Paz. She’s an awesome graphic designer and jewellery maker. 

While I was gearing to head home, I overheard her telling someone she was heading to a Nike woman’s meet up.  Passionate about empowering women through my imagery I was intrigued to find out what women meet up and talk about in New York. So I asked Nic if I could come along and she quickly agreed.

I had one concern, however, as a guy would I have been allowed to enter and partake in the discussion. I still decided to go, while on the way Nic and I discussed many topics; her Caribbean heritage, her NY inspired jewellery business called Botánica, Living in NY, etc. 

Finally, we arrived at the location, I was so excited, I wasted no time in asking the bouncer at the door if men were allowed. Thankfully I could, Nic and I joined the line until the event doors had opened. 

In August 2017 Nike launched their new female-focused special-edition line, the NIKEiD Cortez pack which they partnered with the female collective International Girl Crew(IGC) to create. 

The crew consists of model Paloma Elsesser, The WW Club founder Phoebe Lovatt, stylist Camille Garmendia, filmmaker Grace LaDoja, as well as nail artists Madeline Poole and Sharmadean Reid, IGC is a global network of creative women who’s been making big moves across the world that meet up in different destinations to keep their bond strong, exchange ideas and learn about the world.

As we entered, the mood was set; surrounded by the new line of sneaks patrons had the ability to purchase any of the variations on spot. There was also sparking water and an assortment of yummy treats for patrons to consume. The event  took the format of an open forum conversation in a very intimate setting with a maximum of about 20 people in the room listening and engaging in conversation with the IGC. A variety of topics were touched by the crew such as why traveling is important for them, how the crew was formed, the importance of self love as women. Acknowledging that being about your hustle is good but its very important to find time for yourself; self care is a major key along with finding time for family and friends. Don’t be afraid to take that day off; go to the spa, do your nails, hang with your friends, take a trip with your family or significant other, etc.

The event to me was very interesting even as a passionate man like myself who is very career driven, I found certain points very relatable and I took home notes to share with my friends back home in Jamaica. I love what Nike and IGC are doing. I hope one day they will host an event in Jamaica as well. It’s important for women to dream, execute and achieve anything their hearts desire. Seeing those successful women speak together and so fondly of each other was quite humbling, as it’s normally said women can’t get along. 

Part 5 coming soon! 

-Jik-Reuben Pringle, The Visual Ninja,


~Peace, Perfect Peace~

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