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  1. NYC Trip: Alex Mali Music Video

    05 Apr 2018

    NYC Trip Blog Series Part 6: Alex Mali Music Video Read Part 5 here This is the final blog in the series; Following my last adventure to Carl Navy’s Photo exhibition, I met Alex Mali who invited me to her reggae inspired music video. Being of Jamaican descent, she decided…

  2. NYC Trip: Nike International Girl’s Crew

    02 Feb 2018

    NYC Trip Blog Series Part 4: Nike International Girl’s Crew Event Read Part 3 here First of all, Happy New Year everyone. I’ve decided to finish my NYC trip blog series, here is the 4th instalment.  During my time spent at the co-working space called The A-Type, I met a…

  3. Focal Point S01E06 Howard Moo Young

    17 Sep 2017

    He’s famous for being the only Jamaican photographer to capture one of a kind photographs of Bob Marley, Michael Manley and Edward Seaga at the One Love Peace Concert using Colour Film in 1978. This interview took place in his residential home where he spends most of his time nowadays…

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