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  1. Chant It!

    2016-03-02 15:06:00 UTC
    Last year I did a shoot with the lovely Sevana, that was inspired by a song she wrote a while back . She recently released the single on Soundcloud as well as dropped the official music video for the track on her Youtube page.  Most of you might have seen…

  2. The Story Behind Wickie Wackie Faces

    2015-12-26 18:06:00 UTC
    It’s been a minute since I’ve blogged, but it’s for a good reason guys it’s been a hectic past few weeks, from regular events coverages, touring the island with Earthkry Band and carrying out this special project. Now that things are slowing down and I finally got this holiday weekend…

  3. Mental Block

    2015-11-22 21:30:00 UTC
    Nothing is worst than when an artist can’t find inspiration or being bothered by an issue and not know how to express it in a satisfying concept. When I went to Germany and Spain this summer, I saw first hand how serious the African refugee situation was from the first…

  4. Ms. Zacca, 2015 Silver Musgrave Medal Awardee

    2015-11-08 20:16:00 UTC
    When one speaks about the photographers that contributed to Jamaican photography, you will hear names like Ray Chen, Hugh Wright, Howard Moo Young, Brian Rosen, Robin Chin, just to name a few. However here is a name that isn’t spoken of broadly that should be uttered as soon as the…

  5. Tips to covering a Catholic Baby Baptism

    2015-10-31 18:41:00 UTC
    It is always nice covering christenings and baby baptisms. A baby baptism held at a Catholic is a little trickier than covering a christening or baby baptisms at other churches but most definitely easier than covering a wedding. Here are a few tips I’ve read and also learnt from covering…

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