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  1. Ms. Zacca, 2015 Silver Musgrave Medal Awardee

    Date 08 Nov 2015
    When one speaks about the photographers that contributed to Jamaican photography, you will hear names like Ray Chen, Hugh Wright, Howard Moo Young, Brian Rosen, Robin Chin, just to name a few. However here is a name that isn’t spoken of broadly that should be uttered as soon as the topic comes…

  2. Tips to covering a Catholic Baby Baptism

    Date 31 Oct 2015
    It is always nice covering christenings and baby baptisms. A baby baptism held at a Catholic is a little trickier than covering a christening or baby baptisms at other churches but most definitely easier than covering a wedding. Here are a few tips I’ve read and also learnt from covering…

  3. BackaYard Magazine Music and Art Kingston Tour

    Date 18 Oct 2015
    It has always been an interest of mine to be hired as a personal photographer to tourist or travelers who come to the island. Last Monday, I got a similar opportunity thanks to the collaboration of BackaYard Magazine and Hotel Mockingbird Hill. Known for their music trips around Kingston, BackaYard Magazine was contacted…

  4. Breast Cancer Awareness

    Date 10 Oct 2015
    “Adaptability” By Jik-Reuben Pringle It’s October which means it is Breast Cancer awareness month. Last year I decided to take action and used my creative talents to help spread awareness on this cancer. I had plans to do another concept this year but time got the best of me. So I’ve…

  5. Dominique’s Maternity Session

    Date 04 Oct 2015
    “Nine Months later we are still hand in hand” My very first blog post and I’m going to dedicate it to my good friend and partner in crime Dominique, The Ladybug MUA . I formally met her at a make-up  artist competition I was documenting and from there we realized we had similar interest in doing…

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