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  1. Doctor Macintosh’s Birthday Shoot

    2017-07-30 05:06:00 UTC
    People celebrate birthdays differently; some go to the club, others take vacations in another country, purchase new clothes or throw huge parties, and some celebrate birthdays by investing in special portrait sessions to capture their growth, maturity or youthfulness.  I was recently contacted by Doctor Macintosh who is a great…

  2. Tai Flora Luxe: Ja Wedding Decor Masters

    2017-07-16 00:21:07 UTC
    In recent times I’ve been extremely busy working and delivering to you guys new episodes of Focal Point. One of the clients I’ve been working with is a floral and decor company called Tai Flora Luxe, one of Jamaica’s largest and most sought after wedding decor companies in Jamaica I…

  3. Focal Point S01E04

    2017-07-02 20:07:58 UTC
    In this episode of Focal Point, I have a chat with Donnette Zacca, one of Jamaica’s own who helped paved the way for fine art photographers of today. We discuss her early beginnings, alternative processing and how she created a one of a kind technique called “marbling”. There is more…

  4. Focal Point 03 Patrick Planter

    2017-06-04 23:44:00 UTC
    In this episode of Focal Point, I sit down with Fine Art Photographer Patrick Planter and talk journey, importance of mentorship and his upcoming projects. Learn why and how Patrick got started with photography as well as his journey to becoming the award winning Photographer he is now. Then listen…

  5. Focal Point 02 Ricardo Makyn

    2017-05-14 22:24:28 UTC
    Welcome back to another episode of Focal Point.  This episode of Focal Point focuses on Ricardo Makyn, one of Jamaica’s top photo-journalist and sports photographers. In this interview we explore how he became one of The Jamaica Gleaner’s top photographers and delve into the many accomplishments he’s achieved since he…

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