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  1. Fighting Sarcoma: The Jodi-Ann Project

    19 Mar 2017
    I’m back! My first blog for 2017 is finally here.  2016 was a rough year for me on so many levels but by the end of it I was reminded of why I needed to continue fighting, why I needed to keep doing what I do daily.  It all started when…

  2. Purchase Your Domain Name!

    07 Sep 2016
    First up, what is a Domain name and how does it differ from a website? Here is a helpful video to get you up to speed if you don’t already know. If you have an idea already, you can skip the video and jump right into the rest of my…

  3. Friend In The Hills

    15 Jun 2016
    As Professional Photographers we sometimes forget, we don’t always need fancy pro gear to take amazing images. Sometimes all we need are simple tools like point and shoots or mobile phones to capture memories. Sure they don’t have the level of control our pro gear has, but that’s where you…

  4. En Route to Calabash 2016; Friday Night with the Indigg Family

    05 Jun 2016
    Last Friday I went on an interesting journey to Calabash 2016 held at Jack Sprat, Treasure Beach, St. Elizabeth. Upon approaching the bus to leave Kingston,  I was greeted by talented Indiggnation keys player/Producer/ Skateboarder Paris LaMont. Yeah, you guessed it I was traveling with band members of the Indiggnation group who were also accompanied by Sevana…

  5. Chanters’ Playfield

    29 May 2016
    An evening of Soul Stirring Music The mood was set; lights low and “reggae” dripping in the background as if it were a lowly stadium, with symmetrically aligned spotlights beaming in synchronized movement. The spotlights were placed about the stage and onto it, giving an aura as if a spaceship…

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