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  1. NYC Trip: Nike International Girl’s Crew

    2018-02-02 17:20:00 UTC
    NYC Trip Blog Series Part 4: Nike International Girl’s Crew Event Read Part 3 here First of all, Happy New Year everyone. I’ve decided to finish my NYC trip blog series, here is the 4th instalment.  During my time spent at the co-working space called The A-Type, I met a…

  2. NYC Trip: Jypsy Jeyfree

    2018-01-02 22:01:15 UTC
    NYC Trip Blog Series Part 3: Jypsy Jeyfree Photoshoot Read Part 2 here Model and Make-Up: Jyspsy Jeyfree Visual Ninja: Jik-Reuben Pringle Retouching: Darien Robertson Location: The A-Type, Chinatown, Manhattan. What I love the most about my trip to New York, is that almost everything happened so effortlessly, spontaneous and…

  3. NYC Trip: Urban Knight Photoshoot

    2017-12-31 18:51:40 UTC
    NYC Trip Blog Series Part 2: Urban Knight Photoshoot Read Part 1 here Before travelling to New York, mutual friend Anna-Lisa referred me to JohnEli DaCosta as a potential person to capture his clothing line while he was in New York. After a few discussions and showing of my portfolio,…

  4. NYC Trip: IGBO Rooftop Cookout

    2017-12-27 22:57:05 UTC
    NYC Trip Blog Series Part 1: IGBO Rooftop Cookout I will always be a fan of live music and there is a certain joy that comes from capturing talent i’ve never experienced before. While away on vacation in New York a friend; Maria invited me to a rooftop cookout organised…

  5. Runkus In Studio: “my Gf” ft Krs.

    2017-12-17 20:36:32 UTC
    IT’S HERE Without further ado, Runkus has released his latest project “my Gf” ft. Krs. Earlier this year I had the opportunity to sit in and document one of the studio recording sessions for this track. In this specific session, Runkus was recording percussion sounds done by Kadane “Cespo” Cespedes.…

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