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  1. NYC Trip: Urban Knight Photoshoot

    31 Dec 2017
    NYC Trip Blog Series Part 2: Urban Knight Photoshoot Read Part 1 here Before travelling to New York, mutual friend Anna-Lisa referred me to JohnEli DaCosta as a potential person to capture his clothing line while he was in New York. After a few discussions and showing of my portfolio,…

  2. NYC Trip: IGBO Rooftop Cookout

    27 Dec 2017
    NYC Trip Blog Series Part 1: IGBO Rooftop Cookout I will always be a fan of live music and there is a certain joy that comes from capturing talent i’ve never experienced before. While away on vacation in New York a friend; Maria invited me to a rooftop cookout organised…

  3. Runkus In Studio: “my Gf” ft Krs.

    17 Dec 2017
    IT’S HERE Without further ado, Runkus has released his latest project “my Gf” ft. Krs. Earlier this year I had the opportunity to sit in and document one of the studio recording sessions for this track. In this specific session, Runkus was recording percussion sounds done by Kadane “Cespo” Cespedes.…

  4. The Strip Down: A Davianne T Project

    05 Dec 2017
    We all know the stories, we’ve seen the videos, we’ve heard the whispers, we’ve turned our eyes away from these victims.   You were touched, forced to do sexual actives you didn’t want to do, you were called not good enough, called mean names because of how you sounded, how you

  5. Jagari and Danielle Wedding Day

    04 Nov 2017
    For some love develops instantly, for others it takes decades. The latter is the case of Jagari and Danielle. Even though they attended the same Preparatory school and possibly passed each other several times in the hallways. The two didn’t meet until their last year of high school and that’s…

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