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  1. Expanding Dance Short

    2023-09-13 21:14:00 UTC
    I recently watched Peace Velvet Sky by Corinne Bailey Rae and Stolen Fruit by Tank and The Bangas and now I have this severe itch of late to direct another dance short film. While ideating and considering tweeting about my current excitement, it dawned on me. I never did share…

  2. Embracing Change and Accomplishments: A Fall-Inspired 40th Birthday Photo Session

    2023-08-22 22:37:00 UTC
     Just as the leaves transition from vibrant green to shades of red, orange, and yellow, our lives too go through seasons of transformation. What better way to commemorate the journey of change, self-acceptance, and accomplishments than with a heartfelt 40th birthday photo session? Join me as I paint what went…

  3. Submerged

    2020-03-29 17:29:09 UTC
    “Empower a woman with WATER and she can change her WORLD.” Nature, especially the river, has been known to heal and aid in the fleeing of our ancestors from the slave masters. Follow the path of the river to freedom;“Wade in the water”Like the ancestors; the river, it calls to…

  4. Finding Light

    2019-12-08 13:17:00 UTC
    If you truly know me, you’ll know my grandma meant the world to me; She was my light and source of Joy during my darkest times in life. I loved visiting her home in Kingston 17  before my grandfather passed and she migrated. Some of my fondest childhood memories were…

  5. Be Vulnerable

    2019-11-22 15:28:17 UTC
    Growing up as boys we were told only to express happiness and anger. “Be tough and strong”, “Don’t show sadness or weakness”, “You’re a boy, crying is for girls”, etc. As men, we shouldn’t be afraid to share stories and emotions that express feelings outside of happiness and anger to…

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