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  1. Behind It All, Her Journey: Documentary and Charity Initiatives

    06 Apr 2019
    After two successful screenings, I’m happy to launch the documentary online for others to see.  So without further ado enjoy: Charity Initiatives: The third part of the project consists of two charity raising initiatives. The purpose of the initiatives is to raise enough money to make a lovely donation to…

  2. Behind It All, Her Journey: The Sanshegay Project

    03 Feb 2019
    Meet Sanshegay, originally from St. Elizabeth but resides in Kingston where she is pursuing a Bachelor’s in Business Administration at the University of Technology, Jamaica, W.I. Like most people her age, she loves watching movies, listening to music, spending time with her best friends and going to  the Emancipation Park…

  3. Natasha and Mickel Engagement Session

    02 Sep 2018
    Couple: Natasha and Mickel Assistant: Darien Robertson Visual Ninja: Jik-Reuben Pringle Location: Admiral’s Mountain, Cooper’s Hill, St. Andrew, Jamaica Nothing is nicer than receiving a phone call from a client saying that she has to book her engagement session with you based on a wedding she saw on your website;…

  4. Kontraband: Kabaka P’s Album Listening Party

    02 Sep 2018
    Kontraband As part of the Backayard Magazine family, I was invited to the private listening party for Kabaka Pyramid’s “Kontraband” Album. It was an honour to be invited and be part of this experience, I’ve been tracking his journey for a good minute 

  5. Chronixx ‘I Can’ Music Video

    10 May 2018
    “The Sun shall not smite I by Day, Nor the moon by night, Nor the pestilence that lurks in dark places, Nor the destruction that wasteth that good day the time hath just come… When I look at where I’m coming from”   A song of triumph, a song about hope,…

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