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  1. Focal Point S01E06 Howard Moo Young

    17 Sep 2017
    He’s famous for being the only Jamaican photographer to capture one of a kind photographs of Bob Marley, Michael Manley and Edward Seaga at the One Love Peace Concert using Colour Film in 1978. This interview took place in his residential home where he spends most of his time nowadays…

  2. Jami Spence

    14 Sep 2017
    I’ve always seen her around, heard about her clothing line and Fashion Design business YC Clothing but never actually met personally. Earlier this year I had the fortunate opportunity of meeting her at an event we worked on together. As a portrait photographer or just someone with a creative eye,…

  3. Focal Point 05 Craig Phang Sang

    20 Aug 2017
    Craig Phang Sang is a Jamaican entrepreneur and black and white photographer. In this episode of Focal Point I sat down with Craig inside the Swiss Store; home to the FnB Downtown and Craig’s personal gallery space. While there I had the opportunity to see Craig grace the space with…

  4. Doctor Macintosh’s Birthday Shoot

    30 Jul 2017
    People celebrate birthdays differently; some go to the club, others take vacations in another country, purchase new clothes or throw huge parties, and some celebrate birthdays by investing in special portrait sessions to capture their growth, maturity or youthfulness.  I was recently contacted by Doctor Macintosh who is a great…

  5. Tai Flora Luxe: Ja Wedding Decor Masters

    16 Jul 2017
    In recent times I’ve been extremely busy working and delivering to you guys new episodes of Focal Point. One of the clients I’ve been working with is a floral and decor company called Tai Flora Luxe, one of Jamaica’s largest and most sought after wedding decor companies in Jamaica I…

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