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  1. Focal Point 03 Patrick Planter

    Date 04 Jun 2017
    In this episode of Focal Point, I sit down with Fine Art Photographer Patrick Planter and talk journey, importance of mentorship and his upcoming projects. Learn why and how Patrick got started with photography as well as his journey to becoming the award winning Photographer he is now. Then listen…

  2. Focal Point 02 Ricardo Makyn

    Date 14 May 2017
    Welcome back to another episode of Focal Point.  This episode of Focal Point focuses on Ricardo Makyn, one of Jamaica’s top photo-journalist and sports photographers. In this interview we explore how he became one of The Jamaica Gleaner’s top photographers and delve into the many accomplishments he’s achieved since he…

  3. Focal Point 01 Yannick Reid

    Date 16 Apr 2017
    My new series “Focal Point” is finally here!  The first episode of Focal Point focuses on Yannick Reid,  a young Jamaican creative director for reggae artiste Protoje. In this interview we focus on topics such as his photography up-bring, how he got the opportunity of a life time and how he balances…

  4. Fighting Sarcoma: The Jodi-Ann Project

    Date 19 Mar 2017
    I’m back! My first blog for 2017 is finally here.  2016 was a rough year for me on so many levels but by the end of it I was reminded of why I needed to continue fighting, why I needed to keep doing what I do daily.  It all started when…

  5. Purchase Your Domain Name!

    Date 07 Sep 2016
    First up, what is a Domain name and how does it differ from a website? Here is a helpful video to get you up to speed if you don’t already know. If you have an idea already, you can skip the video and jump right into the rest of my…

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