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  1. Chronixx ‘I Can’ Music Video

    10 May 2018
    “The Sun shall not smite I by Day, Nor the moon by night, Nor the pestilence that lurks in dark places, Nor the destruction that wasteth that good day the time hath just come… When I look at where I’m coming from”   A song of triumph, a song about hope,…

  2. NYC Trip: Alex Mali Music Video

    05 Apr 2018
    NYC Trip Blog Series Part 6: Alex Mali Music Video Read Part 5 here This is the final blog in the series; Following my last adventure to Carl Navy’s Photo exhibition, I met Alex Mali who invited me to her reggae inspired music video. Being of Jamaican descent, she decided…

  3. NYC Trip: Carl Navy Exhibition

    13 Feb 2018
    NYC Trip Blog Series Part 5: Carl Navy Exhibition Read Part 4 here I’ve said this in a previous blog post from this series; This trip was so spontaneous and aligned itself so perfectly. The chain of events just happened so randomly and was perfectly timed. My trip to this…

  4. NYC Trip: Nike International Girl’s Crew

    02 Feb 2018
    NYC Trip Blog Series Part 4: Nike International Girl’s Crew Event Read Part 3 here First of all, Happy New Year everyone. I’ve decided to finish my NYC trip blog series, here is the 4th instalment.  During my time spent at the co-working space called The A-Type, I met a…

  5. NYC Trip: Jypsy Jeyfree

    02 Jan 2018
    NYC Trip Blog Series Part 3: Jypsy Jeyfree Photoshoot Read Part 2 here Model and Make-Up: Jyspsy Jeyfree Visual Ninja: Jik-Reuben Pringle Retouching: Darien Robertson Location: The A-Type, Chinatown, Manhattan. What I love the most about my trip to New York, is that almost everything happened so effortlessly, spontaneous and…

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